I wasn’t really a huge accessories person. Well just a little necklace sometimes or a bracelet, but nothing so original. When I decided to change my style to a casual look for a vintage/preppy/retro (yeah I don’t have a specific name to define it), I wanted to bring more originality to my outfits. Of course, I decided to start with changing some main pieces of my wardrobe, like dresses and skirts cuz I only wear this daily. Then I started to think about adding some accessories.

There are tons of different accessories out there, for every style’s, every need, every wish. Some of them are really trendy and even wearing in a lot of catwalks, like hats or glasses. But there is also less “trendy” accessories that you can’t find everywhere. For example lavaliere, my absolute favorite (I tell you more down below)! To giving you some inspirations and ideas, I wanted to share my 5 favorite accessories for stylised your outfits!

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Jewelries are basics accessories when you want for stylised an outfit. Personally, for every day, I love wearing simple jewelries, like a thin necklace with a little pendant. My new favorite one is the one Happiness Boutique kindly sent me. This silver star necklace who make me think of Sissi’s the empress pins she wore in her hair. This is the reason why I love it! For more special occasions, I love to wear bigger jelweries. Like this voluminous vintage necklace. It’s not discreet at all, but for a special day it will definetly sparkle your outift! Jewelries really brings a touch of elegance, fantasy and can easily enhance a simple outfit.


Since months, I have a huge addiction with lavalieres. If you don’t know what it is, just googled it! But if you’re too lazy to do it (yeah I read in your mind), it’s kind of a really thin scarf that you wear mostly with shirts. You then tie it like you tie your shoes and the result is kind of a tie/bow tie. I love wearing it! It brings a little fancy and elegant touch to the outift. By the way, I also have a dress that comes with a lavaliere. I got this dress from Joanie Clothing, my favorite shop to buy some cute and preppy dresses. In my opinion, this accessories is just a must!

Hair Accessories

People don’t usally think of wearing hair accessories but slowly you can see that it’s really trendy! I started to wear it because of this new trend cuz I wasn’t happy with my hair at all and I wanted to bring a little touch of something to change it. So I bought some simple headband, “diamond” hair clips, hair scarves, bow ties, … Some people may think it’s childish, but you can also find more mature hair accessories if it’s not your style. Lot of shops like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, has a lot of pretty and original things you may love!


What is better than a belt to add a little bit of originality to your outfits? While I was writing this post, I checked my wardrobe a second and I noticed how many belts I have. Probably more than five but I never really use them all. But belts brings so many things to an outfit! For example, when a dress is too simple, without any prints, you can add a fancy belts on and trust me, it’s like you are wearing a new dress. Ideally you have to choose kind of showy and eccentric belts cuz it brings much more effect to the outfit. You don’t necessary need to spend a lot of money on it (you don’t really need Gucci trust me). Most of my belts are from Primark to be honest. It cost me not even 5€! My favorite one is a black velvet with a gold vintage inspired ring in the middle. This belt looks so fancy and amazing!


It was really more trendy a few years ago and a little bit less now. But slowly, as hair accessories, people start to wear it again! Once again, I love buying cheap things for this kind of accessories and I don’t want to spend thousand of money on it. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to! My favorite place to shop these are Aliexpress. There is a lot of beautiful things and the quality is quite good (depend on your choice of course). For example, I got this gorgeous victorian inspired pin and I love wearing it on my dresses or even my coat. If you’re not a huge fan of vintage, you can find pins for every syle!

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