I use makeup for a while now but, I wasn’t that “talented” at the beginning. Even now I still make some misstep. But it’s so much better than during my teenage years with my orange face… Today, I know how to choose the right shade for my foundation. The only thing I always miss is hydratation and protection. It’s a bad thing cuz makeup really damaged your face, even more when you have a sensitive skin like me.

One important thing in makeup, particularly when it’s about your skin, it is to apply a primer which will serve as a protector between your skin and the makeup products. Honestly I never used it before! But, this time my skin peel off, dry and dehydrated. So, I decided to take care more of my skin and to protect it as I love applying makeup on my face. I definetly though that I should start with a primer. It’s so important to protect the skin! Without no doubt, I ran into Sephora and grabbed Hangover by Too Faced (and then I paid don’t worry haha). Why directly Too Faced? Simply cuz it’s my favorite makeup brand! It never disappointed me and I’m always so satisfied with their products. Will this primer change everything?

Hangover Primer Face
Hangover Primer Too Faced


Compare to all of the other Too Faced‘s products, this one is really simple. But it’s not really something important! The “bottle” is entirely made of plastic, which is great cuz you can bring it safely while you travel. But it’s not so great when it’s environmental… Hangover also has a pump that can push the product easily out without wasting or make dirty the product. And of course, the design of the packaging is absolutely lovely as always! Pink with a pinch of humour well knowned of the brand.


There was something that surprised me about the product, the white color of it. I don’t know why, but I thought that the product will come with a beige color. Well it’s not really something that matters because when you spread on your skin it’s just transparent. I appreciate the texture because it’s really light and not greasy at all. A lot of people are saying that the product smells like coconut but with a very strong smell. I can’t really smell coconut while Born This Way foundation reaaaaally smell coconut. It’s like your under a coconut palm! But it’s pleasant! I wish that Hangover smelt the same.


I apply this primer before the application of my Born This Way foundation (the one that makes you travel under coconut palm. I wait a few minutes before starting to spread foundation all over my face, so my skin is dry and the application can work better. Once you wear the primer on your face, it feels like you have nothing else! The skin is really light, fresh, not greasy at all and it’s comfortable wearing it.

My Opinion

Okay guys I have to be honest, when I first saw the price (33€50) at Sephora, I wasn’t sure about my purchase. But I finally decided to treat myself a bit as I don’t buy makeup every day (even I wish I could). At first, I was disappointed cuz when you apply it on your faced you can’t see a big result. Nothing changes! You can spot the difference when you wear it with your foundation cuz it last way much longer than before. Sure it’s not an amazing product but I noticed that the foundation last longer, there was no marking on my face and we can feel that it really protects the skin. So that’s good points! Howewer Hangover didn’t fixed my foundation at 100% and I don’t really look like I got eight hours of sleep as they promised. So I will not buy again because for the price it’s so annoying that the result is not even close to perfect!

Too Faced Hangover Primer, 33€50 at Sephora

Hangover Too Faced



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