I am always looking for unusual places where to eat while i’m in London. This city hides so much incredibles places! Of course, you have to know them because they’re not particularly famous. Personally I liked Time Out London page for missing nothing about the news of the city. This is thanks to this page that I discovered the Tale As Old As Time afternoon tea at The Kensington Hotel. I imediatly felt in love as I am a huge Disney fan and Beauty And The Beast is one of my favorite movie. So, I decided to add this adress on my London’s afternoon tea wish list!

I had the chance to tried this afternoon tea while my trip in London, more specifically for my fiancé birthday. I decided to make him some surprises, as we were in London during this day. And this afternoon tea was part of one of his surprises. Beauty and The Beast has a special signification inside our hearts so it was the perfect moment! I decided to make a reservation as a lunch for 3pm. But you can also do it for tea time or even dinner if you want. I personally prefer doing it at the beggining of the afternoon tea, so I can make a little walk next. Cuz if you ever had an afternoon tea before, you know how fat it is haha.

Afternoon Tea Beauty And The Beast

The place

Tale As Old As Time Afternoon Tea is placed at The Kensington Hotel inside their restaurent named Town House. It’s a five-star hotel located few steps away from the National History Museum and Chelsea in London. The inside of the hotel is really big! I didn’t visit the upper floors, only the ground floor where is the bar, a restaurent and of course Town House. The room was really beautiful but, I think that it’s a bit sad that the place has no BATB details (well only the book shelf that reminds Belle’s love for books). The room needed some more magical touch instead of the modern and design decorations.

The menu

Most of the time, all afternoon tea has the same menu or really similar (scones, finger sandwiches, jam, clotted cream, pastries, …). But, it’s not the case with Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea. They wanted to make something more unsual. And I think that it’s something really great! We chose the vegetarian menu (cuz we’re pesco-vegetarian). So the menu started with a little starter : a little onion pie, a little tomato brushetta and a little quinoa and broccoli salad. The dish was really gastronomic! But, it was delicious!
The afternoon tea then starts with : baguette shaped buns with apricot jam and chocolate spread, a selection of finger sandwiches (can’t remember the flavors sorry) and of course some pastries. This is what I loved the most! We had of each per person, so we can’t fight to know who is going to have what. So we had one coconut macaron that reminds the snowball Belle’s throw at the Beast during “Something There” song. A Mr Cogsworth pie with some chocolate and raspberry flavors, the famous Grey Stuff who is delicious (don’t believe me? Ask the dishes) which is a white chocolate mousse and a petal jelly. Everything was perfect but, I wasn’t a huge fan of the last one!

My experience

We spent an amazing time Town House, Kensington Hotel. The hotel is really beautiful inside out and the room was also really nice, even though there is no details that reminds the movie. It’s a really modern and fancy place! We can really see it with the amazing welcome of the staff. They were lovely, smiling and they took care of us. We felt really like a prince and a princess! Some people hate this kind of service because they feel uncomfortable, but honestly I love this kind of fancy service and I feel really at ease. The food was also really good! We loved almost everything. There was only one thing we really hated : the jelly (sounds like a horror movie name). Another thing that we did not have appreciate, is the quantity of the starter cuz it was just too small. But, we can re order more finger sandwiches without charges so it’s okay!

Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea is something you can’t miss, even more if Beauty and the Beast is your favorite movie or you love Disney. In my opinion, it’s not really fun if you go there without knowing a thing about the movie because there is a lot of little references from the movie itself. Next to us there were a couple who seems to know nothing about it and they were really confiused and disappointed. Of course, you don’t have to know the movie by heart, but you have to love it! Cuz there is Beauty and the Beast references everywhere! Like the characters Lumiere, Mr Cogsworth, Zip and Mrs Samovar, who are placed on the table while you eat. It’s so lovely! Even though it takes a lot of places and it’s a bit difficult to move things on the table after. Well it’s a beautiful experience and we loved it! I definetly suggest you to try it if you love the movie!

Tale As Old As Time Afternoon Tea aT Town House, Kensington Hotel, 109 – 113 Queen’s Gate Kensington, London. 42£ per person.

afternoon tea tale as old as time



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