Since I read #Girlboss from Sophia Amoruso and How To Be A Badass from Jen Sincero, I am obsessed with autobiographical self-development books. I find it so interesting and enriching to read this kind of book. But they’re not all the same! Some of then are not really motivating. It was the case with the French book Power Patate from Florence Servan-Schreiber. Honestly, I did not appreciated it! The book did not motivated me, boosted me but it did the exact contrary… Well it’s not really what I expect from a self-development book. So after that, I was so disappointed and I stopped reading this kind of book. Instead, I went back to my sweet Hercule Poirot’s books!

Few months later, while I was on Amazon, I saw in my recommendations the front page of How To Be An Overnight Success. I couldn’t help myself and clicked to learn more about this book. How To Be An Overnight Success is really similar to #Girlboss in my opinion, mixing the self-development with the autobiography. The book was written by Maria Hatzistefanis, the fonder and CEO of the brand Rodial. Personally, I knew nothing about her or her brand till now. I really learned more about her and her brand with this book. And her brand is really popular! They are selling worldwide and they work with the most famous names (like Kylie Jenner for example).
Her history really passionated me! I learned so much interesting things, particularly about the business industry. Maria words helped me find my motivation and she made me want to believe in my dreams and projetcs again. And I wanted to share with you the 5 things I learned thanks to this book.

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how to be overnight success book

Do what passionate you

While Maria shared her experience with her work, it opened my eyes and reminded me why I started to be an entrepreneur. She worked with many companies with a boring routine every day, for an amount of money that helped her live well. But she wasn’t happy! This is why she decided to leave her job and went in pursuit of her dreams! Well it wasn’t something really easy to do, she needed to think a lot before doing it, take cautions, etc. But this gave her the chance to make so much amazing things! A famous quotes said : “Choose a work you love, and you will never have to work a day“. This is so true!

Get out of your comfort zone

This is well known! Most of the time, when you get out of your comfort zone, extraordinary things happen to you. Things won’t change if you stay in your traditionnal every day routine (well most of the time it’s how it works). Maria went out of its comfort zone when she chooses to leave her job and gave 100% of her time for her project, when she met new peoples who could possibly collaborate with her, … In life, things never arrived as quickly as you slap your fingers. If you want to win at life, you have to learn to surpass yourself and get out of your routine. It’s not really fun thing to do and it’s not easy but it was, don’t you think everybody will do it?

Do it

Most of the time, we want to this or that, but we can’t find the motivation nor the courage to do it. So, we told ourselves “okay it’s no big deal, let’s do it tomorrow”. At the end, we just never found the time to do it so we just give up. This is why you should never say this to yourself! Of course, you have to think about it a bit, even more when it’s about creating a business like Maria. Push away things to next day never helped! In fact, there are even more chances that you will give up. You need to take the example of Maria, who did absolutely everything to make this project something real. She started to make some search in the laboratories (for her cosmetics), went to some trade shows, contacted some retailers, … When she started making some research, she made the first step and so now her adventure begans.

“If you are not obsessed with the life you living, change it “

Believe in yourself

Okay I admit it’s not an easy thing! But it’s not impossible. This is something really important for those who to make their dreams come true. Without this self-confidence, we can’t make a lot of things unfortunately. Maria had so much doubts about herself, she often faced her fears, but she never let her doubts controlled her. She learned how to told herself she can do it, she is brave, and she also tried not to forget why she started. When you see yourself as a winner, you can actually win!

Make It Happen

At the beginning of her career, Maria and her coworkers had this favorite catchphrase : “Make It Happen“. When someone had to do something, they always told them “well make it happen”. And they always did! Since then, this catchphrase became something that defines the company well. Maria even had this phrase mounted and placed on the wall of her office. This is thanks to her motivation and her determination that she is now where she is. When you make everything to make your dreams (or projects whenever you want to call them) come true and you push yourself hard, there are a lot of chances that this dreams will come true!

how to be an overnight success review



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